Edge-O-Dock Dockleveler

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The Edge-O-Dock Dockleveler permanently attaches to face of your dock, providing immediate use while saving valuable floor space. These levelers never get lost or stolen and they eliminate pinched fingers and toes. The Mechanical spring counterbalance Edge-O-Dock is operated by hooking the lip and lifting until the tip of the lip clears the bed of the trailer. With an outward lifting motion the lip is extended and the dockleveler is lowered to the trailer. When the trailer departs the lip retracts behind the bumper face automatically. Units comes complete with bumpers and hook

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Product Features :

Easy installation to any loading dock with a steel dock edge

Working range of 5” above or below to service a variety of truck heights

Mechanical operation

Rubber Bumpers: 8” W x 18” H x 2” D

Heavy-duty welded steel construction

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