Laser-Guide Fork Guidance System

  • $55.00$560.00 / Day

Increase warehouse safety and productivity while reducing product damage with the Laser-Guide Fork Guidance System. The Laser-Guide is equipped with an adjustable, fan-shaped laser beam that projects out from the forks indicating the exact fork position. The laser itself is designed to only turn on when movement of the forks is detected to prolong charging intervals. The Laser-Guide easily mounts to the lift truck carriage between the forks using an adjustable slider system and installs in minutes. The Laser-Guide is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery with 110 Volt charger included and lasts approximately 1 – 3 months on a single charge. Available for Class 2 and Class 3 lift truck carriages.

Note: Stoppers must be installed for side-shifter trucks to prevent damage to the Laser-Guide

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