Level-Lite Fork Tilt Indicator

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The main cause of product, rack and equipment damage is forks tilted at the wrong angle.  If the forks are not level, drivers can spear product from inside or above the pallet opening, bend or push over racking, and splinter pallets.  Take control of these issues with the all new Level-Lite.  Two models available for Counterbalance Lift Trucks and Reach Trucks.

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Product Features :

12 – 18 month average battery life

Accurate within 0.25 of one degree

Adapts to bent or uneven forks

LED indicator is effective in all lighting conditions

Not permanently fixed to mast

Rust proof and durable, can be used outdoors

Turns on and off automatically (motion activated)

Under 1 minute to set up and install

Uses standard “D” batteries

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