Primo M MSG 65/531 60MM Suspension Stroke Seat

  • $60.00$960.00 / Day

The MSG Primo M is a premium mechanical suspension seat ergonomically designed to significantly improve the vibration characteristics of the forklift. Offers every driver the ultimate level of comfort.

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Product Features :

Easy adjusting, super smooth, low profile suspension features a 3″ stroke to even out the roughest jolts and shakes.

Asymmetrical shape of the backrest provides more elbow room on the right-hand side of the seat and full support on the left hand side. This makes driving backward much more comfortable.

Backrest angle adjustment: +45º (forward) to -30º (recline)

Adjustable lumbar support. Great for sensitive lower backs.

Heavy duty slide rails with 8.25″ range

Supports operators up to 375 lbs.

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