Semi-Automatic Electric Pallet Truck with QuickLift

  • $3,130.00 / Day

The Semi-Automatic Electric Pallet Truck utilizes a power drive system and a manual QuickLift and controlled lowering feature.  It is equipped with a maintenance free 24V/20Ah lithium ion battery.  The unit features 27″W x 48″L forks and a 3,000 lbs maximum capacity.

Standard Features:

  • Powered drive system with manual lift and controlled lowering
  • Multi-function handle with emergency reverse, battery indicator, raise/lower buttons, horn and forward/reverse butterfly switch
  • Long handle to reduce slouching, returns to vertical position automatically when released
  • Interchangeable long life battery pack for continuous use
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Product Features:
  • Power drive with manual lift
  • 27″W x 48″L forks
  • 3,000 lbs capacity
  • Ergonomic and multi-functional handle
  • Long life 24V battery

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