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Safe-View Wireless Camera System

The Safe-View Wireless Camera System is the highest quality and most cost effective camera system in the industry.  The Safe-View System includes an LCD monitor, rechargeable battery pack (for front carriage installation) and camera.  The Magnetic Carriage Mount Option equipped with bumper provides easy installation and added protection to the camera for front applications.  The Camera Switch with Key-fob Option reduces the battery charge intervals and prolongs the charge of the battery.

Product Video :
Product Features :
7" or 9" LCD Monitor with 120 Degree View Angle
Accommodates Up to 4 Cameras
Automatic Pairing Capability with No Interference from Other Cameras
Can Be Mounted Anywhere on the Forklift
Digital Wireless with Built-In Transmitters
Easy Installation and Operation
Exceptionally Clear Picture
Night Vision Technology
Recording Capability with SD Card
Water and Impact Resistant Housing
Approximately 100' Transmitting Distance
1 Year Warranty
Operational Voltage: 12-48V

Order Information

Safe-View Wireless Camera System
7" LCD Monitor

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Safe-View Wireless Camera System
9" LCD Monitor

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Extra Safe-View Wireless Camera Option
Safe-View Camera

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Part# SVBP-21-B
Extra 21-Hour Rechargeable Battery Pack Option
Safe-View Battery

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Camera Switch Option
Camera Switch with Key-fob

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Safe-View Bracket with Bumper
Magnetic Class 2 Carriage Mount Option

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Safe-View Camera Cable Reel Option
16' Cable Reel

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