• Lock-Out Box
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Lock-Out Box

The Equipment Lock-Out box is a lock-out and tag-out system that locks-out your lift truck or other material handling equipment until repairs are made. This minimizes workplace injury by preventing the use of unsafe and malfunctioning facility equipment or water and gas outlets. The Lock-Out Box can also be used to Lock-Out Tag-Out devices such as forklift batteries connectors, propane cylinders and valves. 

The Lock-Out Box comes complete with lock-out box: 
(4) lock-out tags
(4) tie straps and lock with key. 

This Lock-Out Box was awarded Plant Engineering product of the year. 

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Product Features :
Size: 6.5"L x 3.5"W x 2.5"D

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Lock-Out Box
Lock-Out Box

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Lock-Out Box - Same Key
Lock-Out Box - Same Key

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Part# TAG25-E
Lock-Out Tags
Pack of (25) Tags & Straps

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