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Safe-Tilt Fork Leveling System

The Safe-Tilt Fork Leveling System for forklifts easily mounts on the forklift’s mast telling the lift truck operator the exact position of the forks (park, level and travel). The Safe-Tilt also comes with labels to specify any additional lift truck fork tilt angles. With its easy installation, calibration and operation, the Safe-Tilt is a must-have for any tilt mast lift truck operator. The Safe-Tilt especially helps new forklift operators to instantly know the angle of the forks which increases safety and productivity. Managers of lift truck fleets often report the return on investment of the Safe-Tilt is less than two months due to decreased product damage. The Safe-Tilt also works well with other forklift attachments such as paper roll clamps, carton clamps, push pull clamps and drum rotators.

Product Features :
Saves time by determining fork level angles and tilting
Reduces product damage
Increases safety in the workplace
Fits any tilt mast lift truck
Neatly fits behind the forklift’s mast rail so it does not negatively effect the lift truck operator’s visibility
Located at eye level so it is easy for the forklift operator to quickly glance at the fork level indicator

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Safe-Tilt Fork Leveling System

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