Services and Parts

All the Toyota forklift truck dealers have assembled some of the finest fully trained technicians in the industry that are at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Each of our over 220 location are proud to offer a comprehensive shop facility for those big jobs, and a fleet of service vehicles for on-site forklift repairs and maintenance.

Service and Parts

Lifting Device Inspections

We have developed an excellent “full vehicle inspection” report to let you know the exact condition and repair cost of your equipment. From hydraulic oil pressure readings to fork condition, we’ll tell you honestly what needs to be done.

Maintenance & Repairs

All scheduled maintenance and repairs can be done either on-site or in our fully equipped shop.

Detailing & Painting

Repair scratches, scrapes and collision damage. Our professionals can make your lift trucks look like new.

Total Refurbishing

Our technicians can tear-down, inspect and rebuild your lift trucks to factory specifications.

Emissions Testing

Our technicians can do a carbon monoxide exhaust analysis and make the necessary recommendations to ensure that your fleet meets legal standards.

Hydraulic Load Testing

We have a range of certified loads for the testing of masts to lift the truck’s rated capacity. It is important that the truck should be able to handle its rated capacity safely. Never overload a lift truck, it will upset the truck’s stability.

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