Toyota Rental Forklift Trucks

Toyota Rental Forklift Trucks

Toyota Rental Forklift Trucks

Rent By The Day, Week, Month or Year! Looking for Forklift Rentals? You have come to the right place! Not just because we carry all the best new & used Toyota Forklifts that you could want BUT we have the best customer service hands down. We have what you need to handle any job in your operation, from lift trucks with 3,000 lb to 43,000 lb capacity to all necessary accessories including extra batteries & attachments. Toyota Forklifts are the world’s #1 selling forklift. We are committing the best service possible all under the trusted name of Toyota Forklifts.

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Propane Pneumatic Tire Lift Trucks

Large Capacity Propane Pneumatic Tire Lift Trucks

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5 Reasons to Rent a Toyota

  1. Safety: Toyota Exclusive SAS (System of Active Stability). Toyota forklifts have a list of safety features that you will not find on any other forklift in the market. The SAS system keeps your operators safer by helping to prevent tip-overs, ensuring loads do not make the truck unstable and also allows the forks to be leveled with the push of a button. Click here to see the safety survey (Safety-survey.pdf)
  2. Lower Cost of Operation: Low Fuel Consumption USAC voted Toyota I.C. forklift came out on top for fuel efficiency and productivity comparative to 3 other top forklift brands (CAT, Nissan & Yale/Hyster). When fuel increases you can be assured that you get the best bang for your buck! Click here to see the survey (Fuel-efficiency.pdf)
  3. Excellent Reliability: For the sixth year in a row Toyota forklifts always come out on top for the best brand in quality and value. 43% of truck operators voted Toyota lift trucks best in quality & 41% gave Toyota lift trucks incredible marks for value. Reed Research Group gave us this important survey. Click here to see survey (quality-value.pdf)
  4. High Customer Satisfaction: It is easy to say, difficult to prove. Peerless Corp just did a national survey to determine which users of forklifts had the best experience. Once again, Toyota forklifts lead the pack. Click here to see survey (lowest-cost.pdf)
  5. #1 Selling Truck in The World There is safety in numbers and there is a reason that Toyota forklifts are the #1 selling lift trucks in the world, the United States and Canada.

Please Note: All pricing is subject to change without notice. Contact you dealer for more information.