High Strength Fork Extensions

  • $490.00$760.00 / Day

Provide the extra support needed to lift long or large objects with an extended long fork. The Fork Extension is made from a high strength steel construction with a built in lifting handle at the tip for easy installation. Steel retaining strap (loop style) prevents fork extensions from sliding off forks during use. Powder coat yellow finish. 40% lighter than the standard fork extensions with the same 4,000 lbs uniform capacity.  OSHA regulations require that fork extensions are no more than 50% of the existing fork length (e.g. with 48″ existing forks, the fork extension should not exceed 72″).

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Product Features:
  • Handles large and odd shaped loads
  • Tilt slide-on design
  • Uniform static capacity is 4,000 lbs
  • Reduce back strain during installation
  • Fork extension not to exceed 50% of existing fork length

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